TAF 2.0 : Consultation Draft

by Sean Furey, Skat 

Happy New Year!  Before Christmas I finally had a block of time to review and revise the Technology Applicability Framework (TAF) – an important tool for assessing how well (or not) a given WASH technology fits within the context in which it us being used, or is planned to be introduced. This manual is based on the feedback that TAF users and enthusiasts.  It was really great that the feedback I got was universally positive, with some constructive criticisms and ideas for improvement.

So attached is the updated TAF manual. There are still some rough edges and there are still gaps in the Annexes, but I would welcome your ideas and feedback.

The main changes to highlight are:

  • The TAF now has two “Modes” to choose from:
    • Mode 1: Participatory Fieldwork-Workshop Assessment is an evolution of Version 1 with some minor adjustments. It is designed as a participatory tool that follows a stepwise process. The Scoring Sheets simpler and less prescriptive, but further work is still needed to guide the user on the type of questions that should asked for different WASH technology types.
    • Mode 2: Expert Panel Assessment is new to this version. It is designed to be more of checklist to guide expert panels, or working groups, to help them assess applications put in front of them in a desk analysis or technical assessment meeting. An example could be a major organisation that is looking to incorporate innovation into its WASH programmes but needs an efficient and systematic way of assessing proposals put to them by innovators, suppliers, NGOs or researchers.