2014 Assessment done by VNG International and IRC

handpump-SS-2This Briefing Note captures the findings of the Technology Check on the India Mark II hand pump in Okulu village, Ifoho boma, Imurok payam, Torit County.

Summary of conclusions

  • Demand in communities for hand pumps is high and the technology will satisfy the water demands of most if not the entire community.
  • The hand pump technology in general is aligned with the national policies, strategies and standards.
  • Government institutions exist to support a rural water service to last forever.
  • The present perceptions, attitudes and behaviours of the communities need to change to have their roles and responsibly on the hand pump accepted and made effective to get a lasting water service.
  • Payment for water services by the users group is not the norm, and needs to be secured to ensure sustainability.
  • As the present UNICEF-supported spare parts supply will stop, a serious vacuum will appear that needs to be filled by a stable, effective hand pump spare parts supply chain, possibly involving the private sector.
  • The private sector in South Sudan does not produce the India Mark II hand pump or a derived product; however, a firm in South Sudan appears to sell the hand pump and its spare parts.