Jointly conducted by the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development, Biofilcom with facilitation by TREND, July 2014

biofil-ghanaThe Biological Filters and Composters Limited (Biofilcom), the inventor and producer of the Biofil Toilet Technology (the Biofil Digester), has formally applied to the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development for approval of the technology as one of the toilet technology options in Ghana. The request was referred to the Environmental Health and Sanitation Directorate (the unit responsible for sanitation technology approvals within the Ministry) to conduct the necessary assessment and validation, and advise the Minister accordingly.

Given the current national policy of zero-subsidy for household toilets, the scaling up of the Biofil technology has to be approached using market-based principles (though subsidies can be expected for institutional latrines). With largely the market-based approach as a guide, the Biofilcom, in collaboration with EHSD, will have to further review and analyse these recommendations in detail and develop an action plan on the Technology Introduction Process for making progress on these target areas. This will involve the definition of all key activities needed to facilitate the scaling up process, and the responsible institutions and persons to undertake them within defined timelines. Biofilcom can also carefully absorb these issues into the social and marketing studies and the strategies to be developed therefrom.