TAF Pilot Assessment by KNUST, TREND and WaterAid Ghana


The Biofil Toilet System treats fecal matter on site. The design quickly separates liquids and solids. Waste water is filtered and drained into the ground. Solid waste is retained in a ‘digester’ chamber where it decomposes into compost.


The following recommendations were noted to ensure sustainability and scalability of the Biofil Toilet System:

  1. Attention must be paid to the capital cost of the Biofil technology to make it more affordable to poor households.
  2. The Biofil Toilet System’s chances of being scaled up and remaining sustainable will increase if further tests are carried out to ascertain the quality of effluent and the manure that it generates. The agencies responsible for monitoring and checking the environmental standards of the digester’s products must be well equipped to do this.
  3. The technology does not fully align with national policies because it has not been approved. Efforts should be made by the producer to submit the technology for national approval.
  4. The potential for up scaling and sustainability rely to a large extent on the producer’s efforts to gain support for improvements to the technology.