The Technology Applicability Framework (TAF) is a decision support tool on the applicability, scalability and sustainability of a specific Water, Sanitation or Hygiene (WASH) technology to provide lasting services in a specific context and on the readiness for its introduction. The TAF can be used to:

  • start discussion, documentation and sharing experiences about a WASH technology and approaches to scale up this technology;
  • assess the potential of a specific technology with respect to applicability, scalability, sustainability and uptake in a specific context;
  • assess readiness of a sector to scale up this technology including identification of potential measures for improving uptake;
  • monitor performance of technology and its introduction process.

The TAF should be applied when a technology is being piloted. It can also be used to support monitoring and evaluation of progress and performance of technology introduction processes.

The TIP (Technology Introduction Process) guidelines provide a way of thinking and planning for scaling up a WASH technology. We want to help great ideas make it big and change lives for the better.


photo: Terraced paddy fields, China, Sasin Tipchai, Thailand, in free picture via, WaterAlternatives